the qiqi afrofuturist teaparty


A Site Specific happening at a laundromat in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. Featured a medley of monologues, performance art and musical performances centered on returning to nature. The event featured holistic herbal teas, Reiki massage, and a touch activated light installation. 


The sirius beat


Celebrating the ancestral knowledge of The Dogon African tribe this post Afrobeat celebration featured an explosive performance by Kiara Lanier and NOMO as lead by Wild Belle's Elliot Bergman, a sour sop cocktail sponsored by Bacardi and an installation 




I was interested in exploring the concepts of movement in a state of oneness as in the starling murmurations and how healing and sound could create those waves within the community. This event commenced with a sound bath with tibetan quarts crystal bowls, then an affirmation Station in which participants could record their own personalized guided meditations to the sounds of the solfeggio frequencies. It closed with an experimental performance where I incorporated sound gongs, vocal loops and field recordings in an electronic sound installation.