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Chicago native Kiara Lanier is a vocal performance artist, song writer and model who lives by her Grandfather's  mantra,

"The Only purpose of the tongue is to teach and heal"
She uses mixed media musical installation and sound healing in her performance.
She currently curates site specific performances in non traditional spaces, galleries and hotels integrating her love for contemporary art holistic health and unifying people.

Her music is spiritual, soulful and sultry covering themes of identity and ancestry with vocal loops, field samples and experimental choreography.

Kiara has had some great opportunities to share her gifts.  In 2012 Kiara was invited to perform for President Barack Obama’s second term. She has been featured on television shows including The Tonight Show, American Idol and Empire.

Kiara has studied performance art with The Meredith Monk Foundation and collaborated in David Bowie’s Film ‘Station to Station’. Her debut two part album Tongues and Teaspoons released in September 2017.

She still believes her best work is yet to come.



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Tongues and Teaspoons


Music Videos

I Hoped it Was You



The Chi


American Idol

David Bowie's Station to Station Film

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon


Commercial/Print/Voice Over



PBS- What's Good



Special Performances 

President Obama's Second Term Celebration

MCA 13th Ballad with Theaster Gates and the Black Monks of Mississippi 

The Chicago Theatre- Brave New Voices






Fox News

Marie Claire Magazine

New York Times ( On 'No Bad News' with Tony Allen & The Chicago Afrobeat Project)

Mild Sauce

Curatorial/ Performance Art

The QiQi Teatime Cabaret

Pilsen Lavanderia

The Sirius Beat- Soho House

Stony Island Arts Bank


Silent Funny- EP Release

Murmuration: A Sound Healing Installation

21 Days

New Growth (A collaboration with Shani Crowe)

MCA Prime Time



Chance The Rapper

Joseph Chilliams

Malcolm London








A Site Specific happening at a laundromat in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. Featured a medley of monologues, performance art and musical performances centered on returning to nature. The event featured holistic herbal teas, Reiki massage, and a touch activated light installation. 



Celebrating the ancestral knowledge of The Dogon African tribe this post Afrobeat celebration featured an explosive performance by Kiara Lanier and NOMO as lead by Wild Belle's Elliot Bergman, a sour sop cocktail sponsored by Bacardi and an installation 



I was interested in exploring the concepts of movement in a state of oneness as in the starling murmurations and how healing and sound could create those waves within the community. This event commenced with a sound bath with tibetan quarts crystal bowls, then an affirmation Station in which participants could record their own personalized guided meditations to the sounds of the solfeggio frequencies. It closed with an experimental performance where I incorporated sound gongs, vocal loops and field recordings in an electronic sound installation. 

  the qiqi


The QiQi is a teatime cabaret blending a flight of herbal teas, mixed media contemporary art installation and a little magic into an incredible intimate music concert.

Our Mission is to empower and inspire communities to lead lifestyles of wellness through contemporary performance and holistic health education.

We believe in radically preserving the knowledge of African and Eastern healing traditions through modern art and immersive education to empower the public to take their health into their own hands.

While being served a flight of herbal medicinal teas, detox desserts, and elixirs, audience selects which acts from the menu to be performed, making each experience one of a kind. Each performance is themed after an organ or ailment in the body and features beverages and desserts prepared with the highest quality ingredients that nourish each organ spiritually and nutritionally.


With a particular interest in site specific performance,  we take into consideration the history, location, and architecture of each space to create and choreograph a unique performance for each and every showcase as it relates to each show’s theme.

Types of space we're interested in:

  • Galleries
  • Museums
  • POC owned Non Traditional Spaces
  • Hotels

Previous sites have included: The Soho House Chicago, Pilsen Laundromat,  The Stony Island Arts Bank Gallery

who we serve


Our audiences range from urban millennials, tech and design professionals, artist tastemakers, influencers, and entertainment goers with an interest in film, arts and media, contemporary art, theater, fashion, yoga and exercise, contemporary music, and health consciousness.  

Multi Ethnic • Ages 21-45 • Income 30k+ • College Educated • 10k average Instagram Followers


"Absolutely Incredible"

Alexandra Enegwu , Contemporary Artist




It was a great experience to connect to a new market in an engaging and personal way.
— Joe, Spirit Tea





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Brand Signage on promotional Media

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