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Kiara Lanier is a vocal performance artist from Chicago who lives by her grandfather's mantra: "The only purpose of the tongue is to teach and heal". She curates and performs in site specific locations integrating her love for contemporary art, holistic health and unifying people. Her music is soulful and sultry yet funky and innovative covering themes of identity and ancestry  with vocal loops, field samples and experimental choreography. 



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The QiQi is a teatime cabaret that blends a concert of soul experimental music, site specific performance art, and holistic health for a contemporary and immersive experience at a dinner table. While enjoying a hand blended flight of herbal medicinal teas and elixirs, the audience selects which acts from the menu to be performed, making each experience unique and one of a kind. Each performance is dedicated to growing the public’s education of wellness and holistic health through immersive sensory experiences. 



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