Curatorial & Contemporary Performance Works

Sirius Beat

An Afrobeat and installation experience at Soho House Chicago in partnership with Bacardi. 

The QiQi Underground Tea Party

Site Specific Performance at Pilsen Laundromat in Chicago- site specific dance, light installation 

Musical and Performance Art collaboration Kiara Lanier and Shani Crowe

New Growth

Immersive Light Installation by Glenn Lignon, Choreographed tea pouring dance, custom blended 

The QiQi - Stony Island Arts Bank

Sound Healing Bath and Concert- Soho House Chicago

Soho Sound Bath

Soho House Immersive performance including performance, projection and tea tasting.

La Vie En Rosé

Immersive Performance Silent Funny Chicago

Tongues and Teaspoons

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Performance with band Nomo

MCA Prime Time

Kunst Museum Art Basel Switzerland one of 14 performances 2018

Kunst Museum- Art Basel

Black Monks of Mississippi with Theaster Gates, Palais De Tokyo

Malaga- Palais De Tokyo Black Monks

Spin Cycle- Performance Piece

James Terrell Exhibition

Napa valley

Performance Piece , Hyde Park Chicago- Sound Installation and Found Objects from house of hoarding family member.