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Stop depending on low paying local shows, small streaming checks, or label advances for your financial security. 


Earn thousands per song by getting your music placed in tv, film, and video games to earn the  money that your music deserves.  

Learn how I made over $10,000

from 30 seconds of music

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Make Songs

that sell

Discover chords, tempos and lyric writing tips that make your songs more appealing for tv.

Protect your music

Understand how to register your songs, copyright them, use production agreements , split sheets and organize yourself as a fully operating production company.

Meet Music Supervisors

Getting the direct contact for these power players is a key component in being independent to sell your songs and get repeat clients. Learn my special method to get them to befriend and buy songs from you. 

Become your own boss 

Learn the daily operations of prospecting, following up, daily composing to establish yourself as  a professional publishing company and keep owning 100% of your music and sync sales.