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Stop depending on low paying local shows, small streaming checks, or label advances for your financial security. 
Earn thousands per song by getting your music placed in tv, film, and video games to earn the  money that your music deserves.  

Learn how I made over $10,000
from 30 seconds of music

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Make Songs

that sell

Discover chords, tempos and lyric writing tips that make your songs more appealing for tv.

Protect your music

Understand how to register your songs, copyright them, use production agreements , split sheets and organize yourself as a fully operating production company.

Meet Music Supervisors

Getting the direct contact for these power players is a key component in being independent to sell your songs and get repeat clients. Learn my special method to get them to befriend and buy songs from you. 

Become your own boss 

Learn the daily operations of prospecting, following up, daily composing to establish yourself as  a professional publishing company and keep owning 100% of your music and sync sales.

Get the full Simple Steps to Sync System which includes  


  1. The Simple Steps to Sync E Book,
  2. The Quick Connect Video Course,
  3. Split Sheet template,
  4. Supervisor Prospect Sheet, 
  5. The Production Protection Pack 
  6. 8 Week Video Course
  7. Sync Workbook 



This bundle will help you from start to finish create music that sells, register copyright and protect your music legally, use the exact email copy to send to Supervisors that has continues to earn me thousands, organize yourself as a production company with your leads and prospects sheets and split sheets and maintain ownership of all of your music. 


This offer is only available for a limited time. 

Simple Steps to Sync Full Course

$997.00 Regular Price
$497.00Sale Price

    What You Get

    production protection pack (1).png
    Split sheet image.png

    Learn from start to finish how to compose songs that sell, copyright and register your music  and submit your songs directly to music supervisors. Skipping the middle men of record labels, licensing and publishing companies to get your music on TV, video games and film. Discover chords, tempos and lyric writing tips that make your songs more appealing for tv.This system allows you to keep your songs full ownership, develop direct clients in the industry for repeated licensing customers, and get large checks for your song's placements.

    This video course helps you get the direct contact of any top industry music supervisor in minutes! This also instructs on how to insert your song's metadata so when supervisors do select your songs they will be able to contact you amidst their large catalogue of song submissions. 

    Get the contractual production agreements needed to secure your percentage splits between yourself, composers and producers on your songs. This agreement is necessary to show music supervisors as an independent submitter to prove your professionalism and credibility of your songs ownership. IThis would cost well over $500 in attorney fees for this document alone. Save big and utilize this contract valued at over $500 for this special deal. 

    Never question your song's ownership again. Too often musicians never know who is registering the song and what percentage you are owed of the song's revenue, stay prepared and have these signed after each music session and keep on file for your sync records. 

    prospect sheet.png

    Stay on time with follow ups. Organize yourself as a polished Production company with this prospecting excel sheet. Keep specific log of  when you have contacted which supervisor and what songs you sent. This game is all about follow up. Stay organized for a big pay off. 

    Singer, Songwriter and Actress

    featured on American Idol, Empire, The Chi and more

    As a singer, song writer and producer I was looking for solutions to learn how to add revenue streams with my music. When I learned about sync licensing in my role on Showtime's 'The Chi' I discovered indie artists can make thousands with their music getting synced on tv we just needed to learn how to properly craft the music, secure the ownership and then submit correctly. In my experience I have successfully earned thousands by licensing my music in various networks and now I want to share this knowledge with musicians so they too can enjoy financial freedom from their music. 

    Meet the Author

               Kiara Lanier

    Why we're better

    While there are plenty of ways to get your songs licensed either through

    a record label, licensing company, song library, or publishing deal, most of these companies take 30-80% or more of your songs Publishing or Masters ownership and you never know if your songs are truly submitted nor do you ever get the direct contacts of the supervisors that determine the songs selected. 

    We believe in artists becoming self sufficient entrepreneurs meaning they own all of their songs masters and maintain direct industry contacts so they can both make all of their due sync money and advance in their career from  the networks they build while submitting for syncs.



    stephan marcellus

    singer (the voice)

    This book is a tool for creatives who are serious about advancing their careers. Easy to understand and completely worth it! I highly recommend this because it puts you in a position to educate and empower yourself!!


    Kembe X

    Recording Artist, Rapper

    [The magazine] is very thorough. It spells out the process of getting your music in the right hands as simple as possible. It’s very easy to understand. It was a great investment in my own experience. 

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